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Resources & Information for programme replication in the UK

Thank you for your interest in replicating Dolly Parton's Imagination Library. Below is a summarised check list of the most important information you need to know. Using your mouse/cursor, you can easily navigate through the bars of information or you can choose the "Show All" option.

Once you are ready to take that first step, CLICK HERE to begin or you may click the large (red) "Start A Program" button located on the left of every page within our website.
    The Dolly Parton Imagination Library is a free gift that can be given to children residing in a predetermined school catchment area, town, or even a whole county. The first step to bringing this gift to your community's children is to identify the area in which you want to offer the programme.

    • The eligibility criteria for the Imagination Library is defined only in terms of the child's age and residence
    • Please do not limit registration based on socioeconomics, risk factors, participation in certain programmes, parental factors or by any other means other than a child's age and residence.
  • Fundraising
    The staff at The Dollywood Foundation can provide you with a 5 year projected budget for your community's programme using a "cost projection template."
    The cost projection template calculates the average annual operating costs based on three key items:
    1. the total number of eligible children in your community
    2. the trends taken from other communities that have replicated the programme
    3. the average cost of the books and mailing (the annual cost is £24/child/year)
    Once you have an idea of the average cost to sustain your programme, you will need to identify financial supporters for your programme.
    Common financial supporters include:
    • Rotary
    • Local Businesses
    • Civic Groups 
    • Local Authorities
    • Private Citizens
    • Educational Foundations
    • Churches
    • Schools
  • Identify a Local Champion Text
    The Local Champion has 3 primary responsibilities:
    1. To register children by publicising the programme using the customised registration brochures designed by The Dollywood Foundation and other promotional materials
    2. To input registration data into The Dollywood Foundation's database system
    3. To pay the monthly invoice (the annual cost is £24/child/year or an average monthly cost of £2)
    Local Champions are characteristically different across localities. In some communities a single group or individual takes on all of the coordinating responsibilities. In other communities, multiple groups and/or individuals divide the responsibilities.

  • Order Registration Brochures
    Registration brochures for each locality are customised by The Dollywood Foundation.
    Cost of registration brochures

    Electronic registration brochures £65 without logo customisation or £110 with logo customisation.

      Timeline for Registration Brochure Design & Delivery***

    Within 7 days after the brochure order has been placed, a proof will be developed and sent for your approval.

     *A $25 charge will be assessed for each proof after the third proof.

     **Please note the exact time may vary.
  • Complete Paperwork
    There are 3 pieces of documentation that must be filed with The Dollywood Foundation before you can begin registering children with your program.
    They are:
    1. Memorandum of Agreement
    2. Affiliate Information Sheet
    3. Electronic Registration Brochure Order Form
  • Receive Operations Manual and Reference Guide
    You will be sent an operations manual which includes:

     • Instructions for registering children

     • Instructions for database maintenance

     • Website instructions

     • Programme information

     • Promotion suggestions

     • FAQs

     • Other resource materials
  • Host Rollout Event
    The rollout event is a time to publicise your programme, so be CREATIVE!

    Common characteristics of a rollout event include:
    •   Involving local media
    •   Having children present
    •   Registering children on site
    •   Inviting local leaders
    •   Serving refreshments
    •   Having a prominent local official read a book from the Imagination Library to children at the event
    •   Hosting in conjunction with other popular community events such as festivals or school events

    Download "Quick Start Checklist" by clicking on the preferred format: